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• Dec 6, 2022 - 20:16

I've been using musescore (currently 3.6.2) for several years and am comfortable, but not sophisticated in the use of the product. What I'm trying to achieve is a smoother violin sound. I want the notes to be more connected as when a scale is played one downstroke or upstroke of the bow (if that makes sense) Right now when I play a series of eight notes, it sound "jerky" or separated between notes. I want it to sound smooth and connected. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Is it possible that the new sounds from Muse Sounds (intended for use in Musescore 4) might help in this regard? Or is there another sound selection other than the Violin, Viola and Cello sounds that would achieve this?

If the Muse Sounds would help, can I install them for use in 3.6.2? Is there an instruction on how to install Musesounds for the Musescore 3 version?

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This is basically a rephrasing of your previous question at isn't it?

As mentioned there, MuseSounds or some VSTs might improve legato playback. This is simply not entirely feasible with just soundfonts only. Although you can try to make the notes overlap by using the Piano Roll Editor and tune their length to 105-110%: it'll make them overlap, but you'll still hear all distinct attacks of each note.

MuseSounds is not compatible with any version prior to the soon to be released (within a month) MuseScore 4.

As mentioned, Muse Sounds is for MuseScore 4 only. If you're curious how it works, you're welcome to try it out - it's free (forever, not just a trial) and happily coexists with MuseScore 3.

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Thanks for the instruction. I have read the documentation in the manual on the Piano Roll. I can't quite figure out how to extend the length of the notes by 105-110%. Do I use the "ontime" or the "Length"? It appears that those apply only to one note a a time.Is that correct? How would I have all the notes extend to give a more connected sound between these notes/

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Ontime is the time the note turns on. Changing that would move the note earlier or later. It's the length you want. But that's going to be very artificial except maybe for piano, since most instruments can't actually overlap notes. That's not the same as true legato at all.

And as noted, really, it's a lot of work for still very poor results, when Muse Slounds will sound infinitely better with no work required.

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