• Dec 6, 2022 - 05:45

Hello, all on the MuseScore Team.

Let me start off by saying THANK YOU for the amazing work you've all put into MS4! I've been a long-time fan of this program and have always believed its unmatched potential in Music Education, Creation, Accessibility, etc.

Quick question regarding MuseSounds:
Is there any plan to add Jazz oriented sounds? (Mainly for Horns, Drums, and acoustic Bass) MuseSounds as it stands is fantastic, but it is overwhelmingly geared toward symphonic writing, leaving little room for other styles.

Jazz (as well as other genres) makes up a large portion of the content creation on this platform. So it'd be really neat to see if there's any plan for this, or in general to expand the library of sounds in MuseSounds. (Maybe even a roadmap?)



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