Measure numbers question

• Dec 6, 2022 - 04:58


I've attached a screenshot so you know what I'm referencing.

I want to be able to center the measure numbers for each measure and have them appear beneath the drumset part. When I click the option to have measure numbers appear underneath the stave, it appears under the piccolo part. If I "select all similar" and drag the measure numbers where I want them, it extended the beam really far and shoves all the other parts off the page. Is there a solution for this? Right now all I can think of is to pick the option for it to show under every stave, and then make all the ones besides the ones under the drumset part invisible.



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Your screenshots indicate that you're using a test version of MS4.
MS4 has the capabilities to show system elements on given staves, but there is no UI for setting this up yet (some templates already use this).

So either you'll have to dive into the mscx of those templates and see if you can hack it into your score as well. Or you indeed resort to the same technique as in MS3, which is showing on all systems and marking invisible on the ones where you don't want them.

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