musescore 3 or 4 for me?

• Dec 5, 2022 - 22:49

I've been using musescore (currently 3.6.2) for several years and am comfortable, but not sophisticated in the use of the product. Should I stay with 3.6.2 for now or download the beta version of Musescore 4? What I'm trying to achieve is a smoother violin sound and it appears from the discussions that the new sounds on Musescore 4 are superior to the previous ones? As for my violin sounds, I want the notes to be more connected as when a scale is played one downstroke or upstroke of the bow (if that makes sense) Right now when I play a series of eight notes, it sound "jerky" or separated between notes. I want it to sound smooth and connected. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


If you're not into the "testing and it might crash and lose all my work" type of usage, then stay on 3.6.2 for now. Only go for MuseScore 4 and the MuseSounds (which is the optional library with those playback interpretation improvements) once they're released. For which everything points to end of this year or really early next year.

@fredcooper46: For what it's worth, my experience... In MS3, a snare drum roll notated for 64th 'tremolo' sounds poor and mechanical. When I load the same score in MS4beta (without MuseSounds), said drum roll has improved, but only to "barely-passable" in quality. Apparently, the MS4 version WITH the MuseSounds (from MuseHub) installed and selected in the score, the quality goes up substantially. I was given this YouTube link example of a snare drum roll:

Ok, that's fine... But until I get MS4 AND MuseHub AND MuseSounds all working on my particular computer, looks like I have to live with the way MS3 renders audio. Of course, when we release our notation to the world, if / when live players perform our composition, it should sound the best possible.

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