Clefs to left of beginning of piece

• Dec 5, 2022 - 16:01

In some editions of early music, editors indicate the original clef or time signature to the left of the first line in the score (see example attached). How to do this in MuseScore? I know I could add a horizontal frame to the left of the first measure to provide space, but then how to create the clef and staff lines to line up with the main measures? Or is there a totally different way?

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I'd opt for using symbols from the master palette. Filter on "staff" to find the 6-line wide staff symbol and drag it from the master palette onto the measure (take care to see the measure itself being highlighted when dropping it). You can then use the inspector to fix the position for the symbol. Do this once for each staff.

Then add another such symbol to the already entered one:
1. Select the existing symbol in the score
2. Click on the symbol in the master palette
This will add this symbol as a child of the previous one, making positioning it as easy as setting an X-offset

Finally, you select the front most symbol to attach a clef symbol to them (or an image as you see fit) and position them to your needs as well.


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