Image capture in Musescore 4RC

• Dec 4, 2022 - 12:41

I didn't find image capture in Musescore 4RC. Can someone help me? The camera icon is missing and I didn't find an alternative in the menus for image capture. In Musescore 3 it was as shown in the image.

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This is indeed one of the features listed in the beta announcement as not implemented yet. It will hopefully return in a future update. Meanwhile, most operating systems provide a built-in screenshot tool, and there are third party tools available for all OS's as well.

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I'm sorry but I disagree: Notation software should never make things disappear on updates unless it's very inevitable. It will frustrate the users. That actually was a great feature when you copy and paste guitar diagrams for students, but no problem, I went back to Sibelius to accomplish my intent.
Thanks for answering me!

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I'm confused, why switch programs when you could simply keep using MU3, or - as I said, - just use the screen capture facility that's built into your OS? Nothing whatsoever prevents you from still using MuseScore to copy diagrams for your students.

Yu are of course welcome to use other programs, but there's really no need here - MuseScore is absolutely still perfectly capable of doing this.

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