Drum soundfont does not show up

• Dec 3, 2022 - 16:37
  1. Downloaded: https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts?formats=sf2&tags=metal+drums.
  2. Apllied it
  3. Doesn't show up in the drum section/track
  4. Shows up in the other ones instead
    How to: Put that in the drum setcion/track
    Pictures bellow if you don't understand the problem (the sound is drumkit)


Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but individual sounds from within a drumset never show up in the mixer - they are all just different pitches within a single sound. In order to access the various individual sounds within a drumset, you need to edit the drumset definition in your score accordingly - ie, specify how to handle each of the various MIDI pitches you wish to use. See the Handbook article on drum notation for more info.

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