How to create a new percussion sound

• Dec 3, 2022 - 14:05

I'm writing a piece in which the Dong Son drum (Vietnamese, also called Dong drum) is really essential. Is there any way to create this sound in Muasescore?


upon searching the Dong Son drum, i find out it's an instrument not widely used by musicians daily, it is in fact an ancient drum featured in museums.

Answer to questions like this depends on
how computer-literate you are
how close to the real sound you want to achieve
how legal your output audio require to be
how much time you are willing to spend on getting it to work with your score
how deep your pocket is

hobbyist usually settle for replacement by a similar sound eg i think the Tubular Bell/ chime , and cow bell(in drumset) quite similar to dong son drum
sometimes you cannot even get it even if you're willing to pay, no company's recording any. i roughly search for VST sound library, cannot find any

the link i post previously works for musescore 3. google and find nice sample on the first result, you could fetch and use legally for fair use in some country

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This isn't ecxactly true though, it's a traditional instrument in Vietnam (where I live) and is in fact use in almost every schools and also in almost every traditional holiday. In others word, you get this instrument everywhere.

Thanks for the help though.

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