deleting empy bars in the score

• Dec 3, 2022 - 08:40

I want to delete some empy bars in my score so I semct them with click (shift click) then CTRL DEL or edit DEL but neither works. What am i doing wrong? I attach the score where Iw qant to delete the empty bars at the end


By the way: In your score there are still problems with the tempo. The tempo indication '40' does not work, because it is also tied to the first note in the 1st measure.
To set the tempo, you have to select the note from which a new tempo indication is to take effect. So in the example the tempo '120' is correct, in measure 1. I think the first note in measure 4 should be set to e.g. tempo 60 (or 40).
Just a suggestion, it will then much better fit to e.g. ...

There is a known bug where if you accidentally press Ctrl+I while not editing text, it puts you in an undocumented special mode in which the remove selected range command is disabled. Press Ctrl+I again to get out of that special mode. Or restart MuseScore.

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