Done With Musescore

• Dec 2, 2022 - 19:04

I was working on a score. I was probably eight hours in. I was up till 3 am this morning working on the damn thing. It's a Christmas piece. I SAVED MY WORK BEFORE I WENT TO BED. There was no "asterisk" beside the file name. The file name could also be found in the Musescore 3 folder. This afternoon, I made a few changes that I didn't like, realizing I had made a mistake. I closed Musescore to resume later. I chose to "discard" changes. Now the file has VANISHED ENTIRELY. This is also the SECOND time this has happened to me. I'm so f-ing pissed off right now, and it's right before a Christmas performance. Hours and hours and hours gone down the toilet. On top of that, another score was flushed down the toilet last month. I am officially done with this piece of garbage program. Yep, I get that it is free, and I'm free to leave. GOT IT. I won't let the door hit me in the ass, don't you worry, friends. But if anyone out there takes their work and their time seriously, especially during this inflation, and you're a working professional and this is what you do for a living, DON'T USE THIS PROGRAM. This is not a program for professionals. Tata


Sorry to hear you are having trouble. But not to worry - if you saved the file, it is absolutely still there on your computer. Just perhaps not in the folder you think it is (like, if you have been accidentally working on an autosave copy). Or, if you're on macOS and using Gooogle Drive, a known bug with that combination can cause files to become hidden.

Anyhow, we're more than happy to help you find your file, which is absolutely still there on your computer in the folder you saved it to, possibly a different folder than you are thinking, possibly just hidden. We're here to help, also for free :-)

In order for us to assist, we'd need to know more info, though - like what version of MuseScore, what OS, whether MuseScore crashed, whether you've already checked for the backup and autosave files MuseScore automatically makes, whether you've checked the backup files your computer may automatically make (eg, OneDrive on Windows, Time Machine on macOS). Basically, the more info you can provide, the better we can help.

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