Is there a way to always show the alterations of every notes automatically ?

• Dec 2, 2022 - 15:34

Hi I'd like to have all the alterations always and automatically appearing (disregard a previous appearance of that same note with the same alteration in the same measure).
to flat or not to flat.png

Is this possible ? I haven't found this in the stylesheet. Nor the documentation.

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There's a chance, sure, if enough people request it. It's not a common style of notation, but there are indeed published examples. Really, everything about the courtesy accidental plugin should be built in at some point - tons of people would benefit form the other normal features of that plugin being built in. If this special style comes along for the ride also, great!

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I, too, would prefer an optional command, so that the first time an accidental (#), (b), or (natural) occurs in one of the following measures, this reminder is written in parentheses in all the places concerned.
Even if it is not needed according to the musical rules.

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