Command line input

• Dec 2, 2022 - 01:12

Is there a way to run Musescore from command line with a file name that defaults to play on open.


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I noticed the list of command line commands in the manual but did not see the one to open and play. Not sure about writing plugins and messing with the code if that is possible. I have an Excel spread sheet that I can use to navigate my "library" of scores on the computer and since you can open by clicking on file hyperlink all I can mange is to open the file but was hoping for a way to trigger the RUN. So much for automation.

I have been successful in coding an Excel Spread sheet with VBA to open Musescore with a desired music file and then position the cursor over the Run arrow, Musescore being the active window. Howver the code that is suposed to simulate a mouse click does not apper to trigger playback. If I manually click the mouse at that point it plays back. Any of the code gurus who may be able to shed ligtht on why the programatic method (using VBA and the Windows API library calls) are not picked up by Musescore? Since my code is successful in moving the mouse over the displayed score, I would have expected the mouse click would be picked up.

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