Issue with dynamics in playback

• Dec 1, 2022 - 03:08

I am having a problem with dynamics in Musescore, where a piano ("p") indication I added is not being respected in playback.

The problematic marking in question is the red "p" at the beginning of the 9th (last) measure in the attached .mscz file. I wish for the dynamic in playback to be "piano" starting from the beginning of measure 9; however, Musescore refuses to play that first note of the measure piano, despite the red "p" indication (it seems to instead play it at the default volume). Note that the second beat of the measure with the green "p" attached plays at the correct volume, though.

This is driving me nuts... please help!

Attachment Size
dynamics_problem.mscz 27.31 KB


I think somehow the sf is taking too long to return to a normal dynamic. It works if you replace it with ff, and then you can edit the text to be sf

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