Can't Install Muse Hub

• Nov 30, 2022 - 18:02

I'm facing an issue with installing Muse Hub. Right at the first small page which says "getting muse hub ready for you", the whole process freezes without any error, no matter how much I wait. First I thought it's because of windows update, so spent hours updating my windows 10 to the latest version but still having the bug.
Any idea what the problem is? or, is there any alternative link to get Muse Hub installer that works better on similar situations? Really appreciate any help, I desperately need to try the new Muse Sounds...


Report your situation in a github issue and enclose your OS information and how you're trying to install, so the developers can be aware. From what I gather there should be a rather big update to MuseHub over the next two weeks to address many issues with it.

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