Partnership with Kushview? (It's free and open source 👀)

• Nov 30, 2022 - 11:42

The license is GPL v3.0, so it should be perfectly fine to make a modified version of this to fit musescore's framework smoothly/ natively. Opens the door for both modular synthesis things and VST2 support 👍
Also, removed the line referring to a false bug as @steveblower made me aware of. Original post below:

Currently, musescore 4 will have no VST2 support and I have found that Kushview Element works very well with VST2 plugins inside of musescore. While there is a lot to be done before the official release of musescore 4 and even for future releases of musescore, I wonder if musescore / musegroup could reach out to the people over at kushview and use their framework to semi-'natively' handle vst2 support through museshub or something under the 'apps' section. I know that musescore is usually able to work with free/ open source products, and perhaps and licensure issues may be resolved through direct contact with kushview.

I just wanted to put this on the radar for future musescore endeavors, as kushview's virtual 'hardware/ cable connections' playground is very powerful in nature and can provide a lot to musescore, musescore users, and of course, VST2 support which is only a fraction of what it has to offer. Thanks!

P.S. - Amazing job updating the UI and musesounds! I daresay musescore is really shaping up to render pay-model notation software useless...


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