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• Nov 29, 2022 - 22:59

I'm currently transcribing a written manuscript into musescore, and the composer wrote something in a way the software won't accept. Is there any way I could write 16th notes in the software, but make them look like 8th notes?

Thank you!


It's not clear what you are trying to do. If you want something to look like 8th notes why not write 8th notes?

Perhaps a picture of what you are trying to transcribe would help.

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Hi, thank you for your reply. I simply want to, let's say, write 16 different notes in a 4/4, which would have to be 16th notes, but I want them to all look like 8th notes, or vice versa. The program will not let me do it outright, so I'm just wondering if there's any way to arbitrarily make notes appear a different value.

There's a lot of magic possible to make notes look a different duration than what they are (including tuplet magic). But this brings us to two questions:

  1. Are you really sure those notes need to be shown that way and are not something else?

  2. Are you really sure that upholding the "wrong" note value is a useful thing to do? Would it make sense to editorial correct the durations to what they are and avoid future confusion?

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Hi, thank you for your reply.

The answer to both questions is yes, I am absolutely certain.

I'm just wondering how I would proceed if I wanted to do that in the software, as I don't use it very often and this seems like an advanced feature I can't figure out.

Thank you!

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It is still not clear what you are trying to do. It may be that you would get the effect you want by writing the notes as 1/8ths in 4/4 say, but then make the time signature invisible and add a different but non functional 2/4 time signature. That would look like you have 8 x 1/8ths per 2/4 measure. But if you explain in more detail what you are trying to achieve visually and audibly then someone can probably suggest a cludge to get the result you want.

But it will he a cludge. There is no "advanced feature" to contravene the standard rules of music notation. That is one of the big advantages of Musescore. It follows the rules.

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Even if you're sure of what you want to do, until we see the example, it's really impossible for us to understand how to assist. Depending on the specifics of what is going on, there are many different ways to create the sort of non-standard / incorrect notation you appear to be describing. So best to attach on image of the passage in question so we can advise better.

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For the specific question of making a 4/4 bar consist out of 8 16th notes you can create a tuplet from the full measure rest with a ratio of 1:2

Then of course remains the question of why you'd want such very non-standard notation which is likely to confuse the hell out of your players?

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Right now, my guess is this is a cadenza, in which case the right answer might be to either increase the actual duration of the measure or use grace notes. Could even be that these are just regular eighths but using cross-staff notation and/or multiple voices in a way that is confusing.

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The answer isn’t no - the answer is almost certainly yes. It’s just that without seeing an example of exactly what you mean, it’s hard to the you exactly how to do it. See if you can get permission to show an image of just a single measure. Surely the person who hired you do this would want to see it done successfully and for your to get the help you need?

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There is no teasing involved. It simply isn't clear from just the written description what the right answer is here to achieve the intended result. But FWIW, nothing about your picture above relates to any of the various different scenarios I was imagining the OP might have been talking about, either.

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> " It seems the very simple answer to my question is no. "
It's not no at all. For the specific scenario you asked you've even had the answer plainly given: fill the 4/4 bar with a 1:2 tuplet and it'll be filled by writing 8 16ths.

The reason you're getting so many follow-up questions is because your question itself was/is not straightforward and needs context to be able to give a simple answer. Because standard notation techniques to reach what you want (which we still don't know, because you can't/won't share an example of it) may vary.

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