Unwanted reverb for some instruments

• Nov 29, 2022 - 14:44

After the latest update, certain instruments in Musescore now have a massive amount of reverb for me in playback. Examples of affected instruments are the electric guitar, piano, and electric piano. I myself never made any changes to the settings in Musescore that could've affected the instruments. Why does this happen? How can I fix it?

The same thing happened to me a while back. I never managed to solve it then, but after a new update, the reverb disappeared. But now it has happened once again.


Assuming you are talking about MU4, there isn't anything you did, or can do. The developers are making adjustments over time. Nothing if final.

There hasn't been an update in almost two years - which update are you talking about?

The experimental pre-release builds of MuseScore 4 that you might have opted to install alongside your regular MuseScore3 actually has less reverb by default, but the option Muse Sounds add-on has more for some instruments, less for others. Nothing I'd call "massive" though, and in any case, there is no electric guitar in Muse Sounds. So it's quite unclear what you are referring to here.

Assuming you are using the current version - 3.6.2 - then you can control the amount of effects in View / Synthesizer. But, sounds like you might have inadvertently turned the revebr way up. So maybe the first step is, reset everything to the normal defaults, via Help / Revert to Factory Settings.

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Could be you just hadn't updated in two years I guess, but to be clear - 3.6.2 came out in early 2021. So, nothing about MuseScore changed recently, and 3.6.2 had no more reverb than any other version from the past several years before that. So nothing about any MuseScore update could have caused this. Perhaps your cat walked across the keyboard and accidentally changed your synth settings? :-)

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