Musescore4 - Open Error - File ... is corrupt. Please Help

• Nov 29, 2022 - 13:13

Both 3 and 4 are very frustrating. I am using 4 but now I get an open error that my file is corrupted. There are only 2 options, "Cancel" and "Ignore". Both do the same thing - NOTHING. I saved the file yesterday then left Musescore open. When I came back to my computer Musescore was frozen so I had to kill it. This morning I tried to open the file but got the corrupt message. I researched the issue and read that there would be a 3rd option, "Show Details" but there was no such option. This has happened before but I've put a lot of time in on this file. I am uploading it to see if someone can fix it. If you do please tell me how. Thanks.

P.S. I last used Musescore 2. To me, both 3 and 4 are buggy and don't work as well. Am I doing something wrong?


The mscz (which is a ZIP archive in disguise) doesn't contain any score, no mscx file (except for some/all excerpts).
So nothing to recover here, sorry

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Thank you for the tip. I installed 7ZIP and did an extract and there was a copy that contained my changes through Sunday. I made the additions, via MS4, and I now have the file that I was hoping to retrieve. Thank you. I wouldn't have found it without 7ZIP.

And keep in mind that MS4 is not yet released. If you so choose to use it for actual real work, thus ignoring the "use for testing" only warnings that come with it, well... now you know why those warning labels are there.

The "Show Details" button is something from MS3, which is still missing in MS4.

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