How can one use + instead of tril

• Nov 29, 2022 - 12:17

Baroque pieces use + for trill. Can one do it and replay correctly?


Baroque music in general does not use "+" when trill is meant. Are you sure you are seeing a "+" and not a "tr" in a font that makes it look like "+"? And are you sure the people reading your score will understand the notation you are trying to emulate?

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Trills constitute a group of ornaments common in manuscripts, including versions such as the half-trill (praller) and the mordent. The trill is an ornament whereby two adjacent notes (a principal and auxiliary one) are alternated quickly over multiple times. This is usually denoted by “tr” or “+” over the note to be embellished (Mozart, 1998; Donington, 1978).

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