The "big picture" of MS3 -> MS4

• Nov 29, 2022 - 10:42

I've got 80-some scores uploaded under 3.6.x on the MS repository. Many people have significantly more scores uploaded. I recognize the promotion underway that MS4's instrument sounds are overall better quality. I try to present my compositions in the best notation manner, and very important is the AURAL rendering.

That said, I'm starting to wonder if once MS4 is past beta, I'm going to have to migrate my library of compositions MS3 -> MS4, and THEN upload my scores to reside "next to" existing scores, or to replace them?

Can us general users get a glimpse of what MS developers, admins, Forum moderators envision for this transition? Thanks.


If you wish to update a score, then you'll have to open it in MS4, apply the updates to want and upload them again. Just as with MS3 and MS2 before that you have control over whether this then becomes a new score (clear out the source url in score properties) or is processed as an update/replacement of the existing score.

I'm not sure I understand the question, but in general, your MU3 scores will load into MU4 just fine, and will sound more or less the same by default (until you change them to Muse Sounds, then they will sound infinite.y better). They will look quite similar at first glance, but on closer examination you'll notice tons of significant improvements in the spacing and layout of things.

If you want these improvements to be visible on websites like, or on your personal Dropbox account, or anywhere else but on your own computer, then yes, I expect you'll need to re-upload them. Just as, obviously, your printed or MP3 or PDF copies won't update themselves either - you'll need to re-print them or re-export them to take advantage of the improvements.

It's certainly possible the folks over on will provide a way to update your scores automatically, but that's a question you'd need to ask them.

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