Moving notes from Left hand to Right hand (piano notation)

• Nov 28, 2022 - 20:44

Is there a way to move the top note of the bass clef to the bottom note of the treble clef to make it easier for my pianists to read? If I try and move that note "up an octave" with the shortcut it actually moves the note up and octave while keeping it in the bass clef. Would like to know if there's a shortcut to do this without having to erase and re-write all those notes in the treble clef. This file was an imported MusicXML file from Midi - that's how we got here.



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If you have a MusicXML file with the notes on the correct staff, improt that directly = don't mess with MIDI, which was never meant for music notation. If the MusicXML file has the notes in the correct staves, they'll be correct when you import into MuseScore.

If you're stuck with MIDI, then unfortunately, you'll have to workaround the numerous limitations of that format, and that includes things like re-entering manually onto the desired staff. Luckily, that's very simple hear - add the "A" o the first chord, then press "R" a bunch of times to repeat it. And delete all the A's at once form the LH.

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