Future DAW capability

• Nov 28, 2022 - 17:22

I am much less sophisticated than most Musescore users, but am a huge fan. Currently, I export files to be used in Cakewalk. I thought I read somewhere that a future edition of Musescore will incorporate its own DAW so that I don't have to export to Cakewalk or any other DAW. Is this correct? If so, when do you think this new capability will become available?


I don't think we'll be seeing a full-fledged DAW within MuseScore any time soon, but - MuseScore 4 already supports VST instruments, so you wouldn't need a DAW for that. It also supports a new orchestral library called Muse Sounds that is arguably better than the vast majority of VST instruments available So, depending on what specifically you are using the DAW for, it might already be the case that MuseScore renders that unnecessary. But, if it's to do extensive tweaking of MIDI data to do the sort of things that Muse Sounds doesn't already do automatically right out of the box, then you niught need to stick to your DAW while longer. more information on what it is you are doing would help us understand and advise better.

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Thanks, Marc. I am producing original orchestral scores with singing accompaniment. Musescore already does a fantastic job of producing the music. I'm sure Musescore 4 will do that even better. Right now, using Cakewalk for the audio recording works just fine. I was just wondering if Musescore would ever have a voice recording capability. Thanks for the reply.

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