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• Nov 28, 2022 - 15:17


Hi there,
I have been trying to use your plugin with both MuseScore 3 and 4. However, despite following the installation instructions to the letter, I can't find the 'Loop Player' option in the plugin's context menu. I can see other items, such as 'Loop Player PlayPause', but the main 'Loop Player' item, which is needed to start the plugin, is missing.

I then tried the web interface, but could not get it to work.

For clarification, is this plugin designed to allow me to set loop A and B points in sync with my notation playback, so that when I press the play button in MuseScore, the notation and the imported audio in Loop Player will play in sync?

Could you please provide a step-by-step tutorial, perhaps in video format?

Is this plugin compatible with MuseScore 4? If not, can you modify the plugin code to make it compatible?

Many thanks in advance!

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> I can't find the 'Loop Player' option in the plugin's context menu.

I'm afraid it may not be supported by your software. This plugin is tested on ms3.6.2 windows only. The mac and linux versions of musescore 3 may not contain the software (html) required to run this plugin. Musescore 4 removed the required software (html) for all systems.

> is this plugin designed to

This plugin is nothing more than a primitive audio player on a webpage (you can open LoopPlayer.html in any web browser but it won't react to hotkeys in musescore), it is created for the old school transcribing method that involves listening to the same section of music again and again to figure out the notes / chords used. The main aim is to embed a simple player into musescore to get rid of frequent app switching so that the transcriber can focus on listening.

It sounds like you're working on film scoring or the like. Sadly this plugin does not sync with musescore's playback. My go-to for this kind of task is DAW like , Musescore excels in engraving instead of composing. Anyway, musescore 3 is partially capable of audiofile-MIDI sync, try and . AFAIK musescore 4.1.1 is completely incapable of audiofile-MIDI sync , the useful bit of JACK is removed, MIDI out is crippled, timestamp is not sent to VST.

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Hi there!

Thanks for your quick reply. My intention is not to make film music, but to create a drum track for songs. I have tried JACK, but the support for JACK and its applications on Windows is not very extensive. In any case, for Linux there seems to be a lot more (free) music software. I really think about to switch my OS to Linux.

Best Regards

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