How to Add "T i m " fingering underneath notes in banjo tab?

• Nov 28, 2022 - 15:09

Hi, I am trying to add fingering instructions, specifically "T, i, m" to show what fingers on the right hand to use in some simple banjo tab, which I am creating.

I want the letters to appear under the stave. This stands for "Thumb" or "index" or "middle". I do not want to use the guitar "Pima" as "P and a" are not used in banjo tab.

Does anyone know how I can do this please?

Many thanks


Just use the standard guitar fingering to get started, then edit the text to use whatever letters you like. You can then Ctrl+Shift+drag your favorites back to the palette for easy reuse. Or use Add / Text / Fingering and just type the letters in, if you're doing this for all notes - way faster than using the palette.

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"I want the letters to appear under the stave."

Alternatively, because I know that there are banjo scores published like the following, i.e. fingerings in capital letters, and perfectly aligned under (as you wish) the staff.
So, start activating the Caps Lock key, and then just use the Lyrics input feature, with the Ctrl/Cmd + L command
Enter your letters, then, if the size seems a bit large, select these fingerings (All similar elements), and change the size in the Inspector. This has a small impact on the measure spacing, but it is not a drawback it seems to me (or even better!)

Video DOIGtés banjo.gif

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This is great-just what I needed and thank you so much for the instructive video. Musescore seems to be a great tool but I find it had to work out where the various things I need are, despite the handbook- this has enabled me to finish what I was doing.

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