Create A Part Without Creating A Score?

• Nov 27, 2022 - 02:27

Hello, I want create just a part without creating an entire score. Is there a way to do this? Basically, I just wanna write sheet music for B♭ Clarinet only with no other parts. Thanks.


I was hoping there was a way to just start off with a blank sheet of staff paper and a virtual pencil like the good ole days.

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Read this bit of the page that jeetee directed you to…. It tells you how to create a score (which is what musescore calls the "sheet of paper" whether it has one or many instruments) that contains the instruments that you choose. In your case you would choose a Bb clarinet. Once you have don that you can enter the notes using the PC keyboard, or a Midi keyboard, or if you really want to, a mouse - but I wouldn't recommend it, the other options are quicker.

Look in Edit -> Preferences, and be sure that under Tab "General" the "Start with score: ..." is checked. Then, on every start of the programm a blank score with one instrument is loaded, which you can fill.


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The default instrument for that would be a single staff piano. The OP wants Bb clarinet. It could be done by creating a Bb clarinet score and setting that as the "Start with" score. The OP was asking how to do the creating a Bb score bit of that process.

An alternative would be to create that default single stave piano score and then change the instrument in Staff properties.

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