notes of different times

• Nov 26, 2022 - 23:27

does anyone know how to write a chord where, for example, the C note is held for two beats and the E and G notes are held for one beat?

also, is there a way to play a column of notes, say in a quartet without having to run up to it from the previous bar? i might select the notes in one part of a bar to hear them?

any help appreciated!!


I'm not totally understanding the second question - is it related to the first? - but in general, you can start playback on whatever note you want, simply by selecting that note before pressing Space. And of course, it plays the whole "column" from that point forward. if you mean, play just that one column then stop, there is no feature for that, but try turning the tempo way down, then it's easy enough to just press Space again to stop. Or use the cursor keys to move backwards and forwards note by note.

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