Show score in Musescore synced with external control, for orchestra performance.

• Nov 26, 2022 - 14:51


I am looking to spend some time contributing to Musescore. My prime interest is controlling simultaneous score show on multiple Musescore clients.

I am using "show" instead of "playback" because playback is associated with playing sounds. I am interesting only in showing score in sync, not in any sound playback in sync.

Intended use or external sync is orchestra performance. Director will be able to control showing part on each musician score, control speed and individual beats with wand etc.

Prime audience is educators, having Musescore to show cursor on current position in score to students and all other stuff needed to work with young orchestra.

I am considering myself capable to do reasonable implementation.

My initial thoughts on architecture:
Limit required code changes to Musescore to bare minimum.
Musescore external sync must include basic functions - open/close score, jump to any position in score, set speed, start, stop, advance by beat.
Everything else would be implemented outside Musescore.

I am looking for external sync functionality in open source Musescore, not in Musescore apps, due to closed source of apps.

Of course, any suggestions are welcome.


How Musescore BVBA is open to this development? Will you merge PR with external sync into master? Maintaining separate code branch with external sync code changes is not something I am looking for.

I had an impression - this is often requested functionality (I can be wrong). And should be already discussed and prioritized, and development team have opinion how to implement it. Can you share what are your plans?

And, of course, any hints on implementation would be very helpful.

Thanks for reading!


Hello! Right now the development team is pretty busy getting 4.0 ready for release, so it's probably not a great time to start this discussion. But I do encourage you to join the Discord server and also start maybe contributing code to fix any 4.0 issues not already being worked on. See

FWIW, some sort of sync is definitely commonly requested - and in fact, MuseScore up to 3.6.2 supported JACK for this purpose. But that's not currently in 4.0. My personal opinion (as someone with some knowledge of MuseScore internals, but no real connection to current development plans) is that re-implementing JACK support would be an important first step in eventually expanding the synchronization options.

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Indeed, I'm not saying JACK is sufficient for all needs. But, it is necessary functionality for a lot of people, and helping re-implement it for MsueScore 4 will be a great way to familiarize yourself with this area of the code, and help solidify your ideas for how new features in this area might work. So I'm suggesting it as a first step.

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