loud static plays over any other sound.(Pls Help!)

• Nov 25, 2022 - 15:28

When I open Musescore, It simply plays loud static. I have looked at other forums, and nothing is working.


What settings do you see in Edit / Preferences / I/O? What happens if you try different settings? Every system is different so we can't really advise you on what specifically might work on your system, but some trial and error might help.

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OK. So, if you shut down your computer unplug the headphones, restart the computer,open MuseScore. Then right away there is static sound.
And if you go through the same process, but leave the phones plugged in. Sound is OK.

Do you knowhow to update sound drivers in Device Manager? Worth a shot.

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And probably everything else plays just fine through the computer speakers. Only MuseScore has a problem.

Do you have any speakers you could plug into the headphone jack?

Here is the setup for my old Toshiba laptop: Conexant Audio.
Headphones plugged in, MuseScore open.Select the speaker icon lower right of the taskbar. Popup says Speakers conexant hd audio. Volume 58%.
Right click speaker icon. Select Volume mixer. MuseScore is listed with two other items. Still speakers.
I have Conexant software in Control Panel. It says headphones are plugged in.

Unplug headphones. Volume now 100%. Both select and right click of speaker icon still say Speakers.
Conexant software now says speakers.

Also I have Conexant speakers set in MuseScore.

Don't know if any of that helps. Might be worth checking. Yours will be different but consistent.

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OK. I just Googled "Windows Audio Static". There are hundreds of suggestions to fix what might be your problem. It is hard to say if it is a MuseScore problem, or a problem triggered by MuseScore.
Solutions range from power settings, to changing audio format, to a number of things that you wouldn't think affect audio. But can. Interesting that it is only a problem with speakers.

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