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• Nov 24, 2022 - 23:56

Hi there,
I get the error message attached when I import into Sibelius, and wondering what is causing it. I've gone into Musescore and export in the different xml and mxl formats but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Thanks for your help!

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Hard to say without seeing the score. If you attach the MSCZ file you started with here, we can investigate and see if the exported MusicXML is valid and if not, how to work around it.

The error message suggests MuseScore produced invalid MusicXML. To find the cause and solve it, the score in MuseScore format would be required, please attach it.

The issue is caused by a bug in MuseScore's MusicXML exporter triggered by a number of rests in the drum part with a huge Y offset. This leads to an invalid display-step and display-octave in the MusicXML generated. Fixed file attached (created by manually editing the XML file).

Issue reproduces with MuseScore 3.6.2, but not with MuseScore 4.0, no further follow-up required.

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As I said, I was able to open the OP mxl in Sibelius 7.5.1. Perhaps there is a change in newer versions. It may also be that Sibelius does not utilize different voices in drumset parts the same way MuseScore does. Sibelius might not know quite how to handle MuseScore drumset parts. So the drum part imports with everything in the wrong octave and unnecessary rests. Which I didn't fix in my exports. Just evidence that it can be done. Plenty of further follow-up required.

Also note that MuseScore will export as three different kinds of mxl. Perhaps following up using each of these might find one that works better.

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The file contents of all three is identical though. Just like musescore has mscx (text) and mscz (zipped) the mxl is nothing more than a zipped musicxml.
The xml (outdated) version only uses the different file extension for those programs that don't follow the musicxml recommended extension.

But the information contained in all three formats is identical.

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Then there must be something different about the envelope.
I opened the OP's original mscz, and changed it to page view. Maybe I shouldn't have done that but whatever. Then I exported it in each of the three mxl formats.

  1. Compressed: Sibelius opened after 2 different warnings. MuseScore opened it after saying it wasn't a valid file (?)

  2. Outdated: Sibelius opened after two warnings. MuseScore opens after saying it is not a valid file.

  3. Uncompressed: Not a viable file for Sibelius. Won't open. Doesn't even see it. MuseScore opens it after saying it is not valid file.

Sibelius also said the two files it did open where not valid mxl's, just like MuseScore did.
The content may be identical, but there seems to be more to it than that.

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