Muse sounds is inactive

• Nov 23, 2022 - 09:51

In the latest AppImage Muse sounds is inactive. It does not happen using the original Beta. Os Kubuntu 22.04.1lts.

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You might have to update MuseSounds then as well; one of the things added between first and second beta was a version check on it.

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Which OS are you on?
Because having an outdated MuseSampler combined with never software (which now checks on version for it) might be the exact reason your having a mismatch. In which case it's not a bug at all, but you'd have to update MuseSampler (which is supposed to come along when you update sounds from the Hub)

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Perhaps somebody could explain how this is supposed to work.
The deb file from is an installer from Nov. 4th . I guess the muse-hub.service should be taking care of the update.
Last update on my system (/muse-hub/downloads/Installers/) is from Nov. 5th. Same as from

Muse Sampler lib reported on MS4 Beta2 = 0.2.3
On latest nightly = incompatible library
Can't we just download a up to date deb file somewhere?
(Muse-hub reports that everything is up to date)

Also, after launching muse-hub, the muse-hub.service goes to 100%CPU. and stays at 100% even if muse-hub is closed.
The only remedy seems to be to stop the service
(sudo systemctl stop muse-hub.service.)

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I copied the automatically downloaded library from /srv/muse-hub/downloads/Installers/dc02a17f-f3bc-4035-8acb-e08c341db510/ to /usr/lib/ which fixed the problem.
(of course: after unpacking)
Musesampler reported is 0.2.4 now.

Muse-Service still taken a complete CPU
13224 root 20 0 4053804 100864 49392 S 99,7 0,6 17:45.50 Muse.Service

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What exactly is the problem?
So you have /usr/lib/
What version? see Diagnostic > MuseSampler

You also need the soundfiles, default installed under

You also should have a file
In this hidden file, the location of the Instruments
(default: /srv/muse-hub/downloads/Instruments/ or the real location if you moved them)

It is always a good idea to have a look at the logfile for clues.

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