Apollo 13 movie soundtrack with MS4 MuseSounds

• Nov 21, 2022 - 22:08

I transcribed by ear half part of "Re-entry splashdown" from "Apollo 13" by James Horner to test Muse Sounds samples and compare it to live orchestra. The track had choir singing "aah", all strings section playing their own melodies part, brasses, harp, woodwinds, some percussion, so it was good choice for testing. I'm very impressed by the realism of the samples. I couldn't expect anything more, I wasn't even assuming it's possible to make samples this realistic and was very positively surprised! If it was in the background of the actual movie I would be easily fooled that it's not played by computer. The first soundfont out there with an actual soul. I'm so excited for all the beautiful music that's gonna be created with it in the future.

Had to use tremolo for the strings fast part as it sounded a little bit thin as strings samples seem more adjusted for slow movement. And also had to mix choir seperately in Audacity as soft mezzoforte that is at the same loud was required and maximizing volume in the MS4 mixer for the choir didn't do the trick.

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Apollo 13 - reentry splashdown MS4.ogg 3.98 MB


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