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• Nov 21, 2022 - 20:30

Please forgive my being a newbie if this is something that has already been addressed and if it is a feature that I just have failed to find.

I have imported a score that is being used for my church choir and after the introduction to the piece there are some changes that were requested. For example we have a measure where we need to add in a rest to allow for breathing and there is another where a half note is being changed to a dotted half note. Small changes, nothing big - or so I thought.

I'd like to know;
Is there a feature in MuseScore that will automatically adjust the following measures in a part when these changes are made?

When I simply lengthen a note (half note to dotted half note) it is changing the next note to a 1/4 note. Is there a way to get the program to lengthen the score and "push" the following notes instead of altering the following notes?


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I will keep that in mind for the future when we have some more experience and someone to play piano, or other instrument, for us.

I did wind up finding a solution, by accident, which was to change the properties of measure to add in an extra beat (s) where needed. While I'm sure it is notational blasphemy of some kind it serves my purpose.

Arfe you sure that's what you'd want? That doesn't make music sense - surely you are not proposing changing what beat one is throughout the song? It might make sense to add a beat to the measure, which you can do by right-clicking and using Measure Properties. Although really, the sort of things you described are normally done by simply adding breath marks or fermatas. if you attach an example and describe the result you ware trying to achieve in more detail, we can understand and assist better.

That said, if you have decided for some reason you really do need to completely change where beat one is for the rest of the piece, you could use cut and paste to move everything a beat later.

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Part of the problem I'm addressing is an inexperienced choir and director. We just started up the church choir and being the "music man" I'm having to make changes when they are requested. The list they had was such;
- Add in rests so their is a pause in the music to breath
- Lengthen a specific section to make more like a particular arrangement
- Slow down the tempo so we can keep up and breath
- Add an intro (An acapella arrangement was selected, then it was decided they need full backing tracks)
My suggestion was, "give yourself time to get used to the arrangement and use each other to your advantage - stagger breath." However, since they want a backing track that doubles the notes of each part so that they have something to follow, whatever I do has to work in a backing track as well as on paper for singers.

"It might make sense to add a beat to the measure, which you can do by right-clicking and using Measure Properties," Yes! This is the feature I found on accident ( I'm a rookie for sure) and it made everything really easy. I'm still trying to get the intro added without out messing things up, but at least I have until Saturday night to get it finished. Hopefully, as the choir, director and myself gain experience it will be easier to coordinate and arrange pieces.

To see the changes made look at Measure 8, and all the corresponding repeated measures that follow.
1st File is the original score
2nd File is the score as it is currently (still needs intro)

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This is going to show my inexperience with the program, but I had no idea that could be done. The time stretch and Breath mark were both audible and exactly what was needed to take care of the requested changes.

Thank You! I will keep this score around for future utilization as I'm certain this will be useful for future projects. With recent developments I may have to learn quickly and complete multiple projects weekly in the near future. I'll be coming back to this discussion to go over all of the advise and education about the program that has been given.

UPDATE: I need a LOT more experience with MuseScore and composing in general. There was a simple solution the slipped on my bald spot and went Right Over My Head haha.

Any advice is still greatly appreciated as I have MUCH to learn. For instance, I still have to work on adding an introduction to the piece. If you have any suggestions on the best way to do that, I'm open to all suggestions.

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To add an introduction, simply select the first bar of the score, then Add > bars > insert (or just use the CTRL+Insert shortcut) and choose how many bars to add at the beginning.

If the introduction is for piano only, you can add a piano grand stave and then in Format > Style > Score select "Hide empty staves within systems" and maybe deselect "Don't hide empty staves within first system". This way only the piano grand staff would appear at the start.

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Thank You. The first attempt I made at adding an introduction resulted in a several undesirable changes. Functionally it worked from an audio stand point but the score was just a complete mess, visually.

Hopefully, I can follow the directions you gave and be able to obtain better results. I'll soon find out how many attempts it takes.

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