Change Instrument Bug

• Nov 20, 2022 - 04:15

I noticed a bug on the Change Instrument.
1. Place “Change instrument” on the same bar on the successive instruments. (In this example, put the Change Instrument on the first bar for the Flute and Clarinet parts) instrument_change_test_1_original.mscz
2. Change the above instrument name in the Stave/Part Properties (In this example, I changed Piccolo to Picc). instrument_change_test_2_add_change_en.mscz
3. Oddly, the Clarinet part was also changed to “Picc”. instrument_change_test_3_change_the_name_en.mscz
Is there any way to avoid this when I change the name of the instruments?


I can confirm this bug
but no point in fixing ms3 anymore as ms4 is coming and ms4's sound system change
> way to avoid
cut “Change instrument”, edit name in Stave/Part Properties, paste “Change instrument” back ?

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