Time stamps

• Nov 19, 2022 - 21:21

I would appreciate if there were fields as in Libreoffice Write.
Say that I insert a text box with a field "print time" and it will insert the actual time stamp by printing. So I would know that this version is three weeks newer than the other. It is very useful function - I have 5 versions of a song in a folder and I do not know what is the newest and what versions are to be archived/scarted.

It might be very simple
<? actual_time_stamp ?>
If there is a text in a text box of this format:
"This score were printed at <? actual_time_stamp ?> and is written for <? number_of_instruments ?> instruments."
so on the paper I would see:
This score were printed at 2022-11-19 22:14:35 and is written for 5 instruments.

<? creation_time_stamp ?>
<? number_of_pages ?>
<? total_duration ?>
<? author ?>
and other simple fields.

Do you think you would appreciate this feature as well?


Thank you Sirs!
That is exactly, what I wanted!

I just was not able to find it. I looked for fields and time stamp... and it is hidden in "Score properties"

Truth is very often well hidden under a load of garbage. Or there is just too many truths? Or there are much more many lies than truths, as can be easily proofed. :-)


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