Suddenly part of one of my staffs dissapeared and I can't get it to appear nor work.

• Nov 18, 2022 - 18:03
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S3 - Major
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I don't know how to reproduce the issue. The file already crashed three times. And now part of my staff is gone. Dera_Sistema_Operativo_-_22-11-18.mscz


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I have loaded your score. Are you saying there used to be more notes and then they got deleted? Or that if I do something in particular, something bad will happen? Please do your best to describe the problem in more detail.

FWIW, it looks like you are making a whole lot of things invisible, but probably you could achieve the same result more simply with the "cutaway" option in Staff/Part Properties.

So, one staff has become invisible and you can't click on it to see it again?Does this help? -

Right-click on a stave and select Stave/Part Properties. Note the stave/instrument name.
Repeat for the other visible stave. Note its name.
Go down to the arrows bottom left . These allow you to scroll through all staves until you find the invisible one.
Now go up top and change "Hide when empty" to Never.

Thanks for the help guys! Unfortunately those options weren't the solution.
Here I attach an image of the measures that went missing.
musescore bug.png
The cutaway option is the opposite of what I want, I need all measures of my sopranos shown! I deleted one instrument I ended up not using and had the property "Hide when empty" on Always. Both of my sopranos have that option on Never.
I don't know when it started nor after what, but inserting measures with Insert seems to worsen the wound. If I cut with ctrl X and paste the content elsewhere with ctrl V, the missing measures "stay" where they are, and I can put the content in "healthy" measures, but if I paste said content into its place, suddenly it goes invisible with the staff.
Thanks for taking some time on this! :)

At measure 80, you added a staff type change and set it to 0 lines. So that's exactly what MuseScore is doing - showing 0 lines. I don't think that's really meant to be supported though. Maybe you meant to use the "invisible staff lines" option? or something else? Not clear exactly what your goal was here.

I just noticed that, thank you! For some reason when zooming in or out some things disappear...
Here's an extreme case:
musescore bug3.0.png
When I deleted that 0 line staff mark, another appeared some measures later. I believe to have put those testing why I couldn't edit those measures. Now when I try to input notes there they're invisible. Thought when I click on any of the notes every one of them disappear. It's getting complicated to work like this.
Here's the file without the 0 line staff mark:
Thanks for the help!