Sibelius Numpad and Dorico Popovers

• Nov 17, 2022 - 08:13

I read a discussion on tinterweb where someone was showing how both Sibelius's Numpad, with its shortcuts and paging ability to move through dozens of shortcuts very quickly, and Dorico's popovers (which I don't really know how they operate yet) help them speed up their workflow a lot, and how they tend to get bogged down looking for shortcuts and menu items when using Musescore. They seemed like quite an advanced user, wanting to get a lot of information input very quickly, they are also able to use text-based input with Lilypod which strikes me as something that most composers wouldn't want to go anywhere near unless they'd had a coding background!

Has anything like the numpad or popovers been considered for Musescore at any point? If so, what's the reason for not pursuing something like that and staying with the extensive but not comprehensive(*) keyboard shortcuts and menu/palette items?

(*for example, I believe only a limited number of dynamics have keyboard shortcuts, which doesn't include hairpins, happy to be put right if that is incorrect)


I think a lot of ideas are being considered, including being able to assign shortcuts to palette items. But for the record, hairpins do have them, < and > naturally :-)

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