Multimeasure Rests and Time Signatures

• Nov 17, 2022 - 03:18

I have a score which uses changing time signatures every 1-2 bars (two bars of 3/4 and then a bar of 2/4). When making parts, I found that my multimeasure rests are broken for every time signature change. This makes sense, but I was hoping that there is an option to have the multimeasure rest continue over the time signatures. It's a consistent pattern, so I'm not concerned about the players getting lost, and when the rest is broken up into dozens of little chunks it gets hard to count and looks bad on the page. I would also rather not have my tuba part be composed of two pages of music and four pages of rest. Is there any way to override this setting without having to go through the entire score and change every third measure's properties, or by removing my changing time signatures altogether?


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I have a lot of work so I only reply when I have some time to help here in the forum so I don't want to change language settings as it would take me more time and then I think it's not that difficult to understand an Italian screen! In a nutshell: better this way than nothing.
Good music.

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Okay, I don't want to burden you with additional work!

Your suggestion is not a bad idea, but will only be feasible after generating parts with additional rework. For a complete score, I don't see the possibility.
By the way, you could also describe it with a normal volta instead of the line. But this also requires reworking the part and does not work within a score.
Good music, too!

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It wouldn't take long to change the time signature to 8/4: see…. Once you've done that, use Select - all similar elements to delete all the time sigs, then add your 8/4 to the first bar. Musescore will rebar automatically. You could clarify the beat by adding dotted barlines to the first couple of bars - this doesn't alter the bar numbering, and as it is a repeating pattern you wouldn't need to do it throughout the piece.

Just a thought.

"I'm not concerned about the players getting lost". I think you may be being a bit optimistic there. As a player who has sat through many yards of empty tuba part, I would prefer the mess rather than having to count "invisible" time signature changes.

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I understand the concern. Every entry is very predictable (the piece is consistently divided into 12-measure phrases and parts enter almost exclusively at the beginnings of the phrases) and the pattern never changes, but I can see how it might be easier to see all the changes. Still, though, I'd like to avoid a six-page part for two pages of music if possible. This is what the first two pages of the tuba part currently look like.

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If it's just for an printout for the tuba example, why don't you make an extra sheet only for the tuba independent of the rest of the score? Ignore there the time signature changes during the long rests passage. You would then only have to write the few measures after the rehersal mark K.
And of course the tuba player must know what is meant here and when K is reached.
See attachment for your example.
OK, I don't know how your score is continued but as I understand, this will be similar ...

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