Musescore 4 needs to be started as Administrator

• Nov 15, 2022 - 16:33

Musescore 4 needs to be started as Administrator for the Muse Hub to work! If you start Musescore normal the software wil not find the instrument paches. Running on Win11


That shouldn't be the case and isn't for me. But perhaps some unique aspect of your installation is trigger this. As requested in the beta announcement, please report issues you find to GitHub so the developers can investigate. Best to include more details about your system to help them understand what's unique about your Windows 11 installation that causes this behavior.

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Thanks for your reply. I installed Musescore 4 now with the Muse Hub and all works fine.

For information; I've been using Presonus Notion for years, but I'm completely impressed with Musescore 4, the orchestra samples sound much nicer and fuller than those of Notion. I'm currently working on a piece in Musescore 4 to get a feel for the software but am seriously considering switching. My thanks to all these enthusiastic people who are working on this.

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