Muse Sounds stays inactive

• Nov 11, 2022 - 14:50

I have the latest version of Musescore Beta, and I have also downloaded Muse Strings, woodwinds, and brass through Muse Hub. When I try to implement the new soundfonts, the program says that it is "inactive" and I am not able to use them. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing Musescore 4 Beta, to no affect. What can I do to enable this feature?

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There seem to be a number of systems experiencing issues with this. I recommend going over the GitHub as requested in the original beta announcement, browse the existing issues to see if any provide workarounds that help in your particular case. If not, just find the issue that seems to fit your situation best and add your system information and any other relevant details there.

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Well, no need to wait that long, whatever is preventing the experimental pre-release builds from working on some systems will almost certainly be fixed before 4.0 actually releases. But, best to report your findings in the GitHub issues to be sure that whatever is causing the issue on your particular system is understood and dealt with.

Also, to be clear, soundfotns are different from Muse Sounds. Soundfotns work on all systems already. Only a few systems are currently having issues with Muse Sounds, but more help is needed to understand what goes wrong, so I definitely encourage you to hep test and report your findings.

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