Changing velocity explicitly in Musescore 4

• Nov 11, 2022 - 00:29

I've got a piano score written out with dynamics included that sounds a little over-bashy as-is. I could go through and change each of the dynamic markings to one or two slots quieter (mf-p, f-mp, ff-mf etc) but that would be time-consuming and result in a score that doesn't look the way I want people to read it. To get across the hurdle of the piano being a little more heavy-handed than I was hoping in the new playback engine, I thought I'd just select the whole score and change the velocity of every note by 16 points or so.

Is this the correct way to achieve this, and the fact that it is having no effect simply a bug that needs reporting (we are still in beta, after all) or is this a feature of the new playback engine where it ignores anything except for what's explicitly written on the page and I need to find another way of telling it to hold back a little?

On a related note - I used to add staff text to set different voices within a score to different soundfonts by setting them to specific midi channels - but now I can't seem to do that anymore, and it doesn't seem to matter as the new playback engine doesn't seem to offer this granular control. Again, something I might have used for pizz. and the like, and I believe the new engine just sees the instructions and interprets them... (though I use it for organ manual registrations too).


The beta from a couple of weeks ago doesn't have velocity working, but the nightly builds do. So, download a nightly (see Download / Software in the menu above, scroll down to the development builds, and grab the nightly for architecture, being sure not to be fooled by the fake "beta" that is actually nothing of the sort).

It works a bit differently than in MuseScore 3, but does work. Instead of setting the velocity offset to 16, the "base" velocity is always listed as 64 regardless of dynamic (I know, makes little sense, but just go with it), so you'll need to set the velocity to 48 (64-16).

And yes, you don't need to mess with setting staff text properties anymore,. pretty much everything you used to need that for is now built into the palette. But if you're using a custom soundfont that relies on this, you'll need a different method - like instrument changes, or better yet, VST instruments with key switches (which do work well).

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You can’t use builds older than the beta with Muse Sounds, but the nightlies builds are newer and work fine, plus they include bugs fixes and other improvements made in the weeks since. So, I recommend using Muse Hub to install the sounds themselves but don’t bother with the beta of MuseScore itself and instead head straight to the nightlies.

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Awesome, great tips, thanks! I wonder if the issues I was having with repeats causing sections of my score to play back over whatever was currently playing a few seconds after the repeat was observed will go away with the latest nightly... If not, I'll be sure to try to get around to posting a bug report.

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That didn't work...
I've got the latest nightly now, and ctrl+A selected the whole score, and in the properties tab, clicked the playback button in the General section. Under note there is a velocity spin box, I changed that to 32 (so I could be 100% certain of the very obvious difference) and hit play again. No change to playback. Did I miss something?

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The change of velocity only works when I select one note. When select by ctrl+A the velocity does not change even I change the value in the playback tab. (It just becomes back to 64 when I deselect.) Am I missing something? Or can the velocity be set as 0 on default?

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