Separate Guitar Notation and Tab

• Nov 8, 2022 - 14:58

I am arranging a piece that I want the score to show both notation and tabs, however when I try to edit the tabs, it messes up the notation. Is there any way to make the notation and tab independent while in the same score? I don't want whatever I write in the notation to copy into the tabs and vice versa.


Changing tab should alter the notation, otherwise it's two different pieces of music. Are you sure that's what you want? Could be just some confusion over how music notation works; that's not clear (and sorry if I'm guessing wrong about that). If you attach your score and describe what you are seeing as messed up, we can understand and assist better.

But aside from that, sure, you can have independent staves, just add a regular staff instead of linked staff in Edit / Instruments.

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Do not remove them, but hide the desired ones (with the keyboard shortcut "V", or in the Inspector)

See the GIF below: I didn't hide the notes/frets like you, I only looked at them once, but that's the principle.

The last action (untick "Show invisible") is optional. It only has an effect on the screen, the hidden notes are not printed.

Video TAB.gif

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