MS4: Playback resets on sound change but play head doesn't

• Nov 8, 2022 - 14:41

If you start playing the score then change the sound in the mixer (while actively playing) it starts playing the score from the start again - however the play head position on the screen continues from where it was, not from the start as the sound is doing.

(MS4 beta, Windows 10)


I can 't reproduce this, but if you have a specific score where this always happens, please open an issue on GitHub as requested in the beta announcement, and be sure to attach the score and precise steps to reproduce the problem (eg, which sound you are changing, etc).

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Why would you not? Selecting the right sound for a piece is something I do all the time. For instance deciding which of the piano sounds is the best one for the piece, which can best be done by changing the sound live and comparing the differences in timbre as it's playing. And as more and more Muse Sounds instruments get developed this is going to be more and more common.

Regardless, a proper bug has been filed, accepted, assigned and scheduled for post-release.

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I get that we all work differently. With all the playback problems MU4 is having, I'm not surprised this doesn't work. Does it work in 3.6? I mean that it is an interesting concept that I'm trying to understand. Off topic, I know.
Seems to me that if I am listening to a passage of piano and I want to hear a different piano, changing on the fly won't tell me anything about the passage just played. Something about how that passage sounded was what made me think of changing. So I'd have to stop and go back, anyway. Yes, we all want the best sound. But sometimes that is only evident in the export. Sometimes I have to listen to a piece on a few different systems before I settle on a sound.
Maybe not important.

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