Chord symbol entry mystery

• Nov 7, 2022 - 21:46

Can anyone shed light on why the chords in bar 5 of my attached score are being truncated, so that only the "7" shows of the "C7" on the first beat?

Musescore knows that the chord is C7, because it sounds that chord when replaying the score, and also offers "C7" when I try to edit the chord.

However, clicking away from chord entry yields only "7" - and similarly for beat 4 in that bar.

What am I doing wrong? I couldn't find a setting for "limit chord symbols to 1 character" anywhere... Thank you.

P.S. This score started out as an .xml file from the internet, so that may have imported some crazy formatting option. But I can't see what it might be.

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O For 1000 Tongues Lyngham in F.mscz 161.84 KB


Actually, it's just as well to start discussions here when the issue is possibly just a misunderstanding instead of an actual bug. Then if/when a bug is confirmed, it makes sense to report to GitHub.

Your score displays just fine for me - I see C7, not just 7. And if I double-click to edit the chord symbol, I see C7, and C7 when I complete entry.

So before reporting a bug on GtHub, let's be sure to understand better what exactly you are doing that causes a problem to appear.

Also best to attach the MusicXML file.

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Indeed, that's the better place for these pre-GitHub discussions...

and when MuseScore 4 is ultimately released, that's officially when the transition confusion should begin here, as the old version fades away and is replaced by the new (major) version; and "please upgrade" becomes the advice given here when faced with posted MS3 screenshots, along with related MS3 questions.

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