Muse Hub and Catalina?

• Nov 5, 2022 - 09:51

It is not possible to install the Hub on Catalina but Musescore 4 can be installed.

Are there plans to support the Hub on Catalina?

If not, is there another way to get the sounds installed?



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Issues regarding MuseScore are on GitHub, as per the beta announcement. I suggest going there to see if there is an existing issue specific to your situation, and see what's been said about it if so. Otherwise, create a new issue and describe the specific symptoms you are seeing.

Muse Hub will not run on Catalina, but actually it is possible to use the sounds on Catalina.

You just need to temporarily have access to a Mac running a higher version of macOS then install Muse Hub and the sounds on that Mac and copy over the folder in ~/Library/Containers/com.muse.hub

To make Musescore find the installed sound files, you also have to copy over the following file:
/Library/Application\ Support/com.muse.MuseSampler/.config
Which just contains the Path to the sound files copied in the first step. If that path is not the same on both Macs (e.g. if login user names differ) you have to edit the .config file and adapt the path accordingly.

With that it should be possible to use the sounds in Musescore without any limitations, apart from getting any automatic updates, if there ever will be any..

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