Changing Pitch from A440 to A415 (Or A430)

• Nov 5, 2022 - 01:42


A quick question. I have been changing the pitch standard to playback lute music so that it matches the sound of a lute tuned to A=415Hz. Also a romantic period guitar tuned to 430HZ.

Previously this worked fine. I used the synthesiser panel to change the standard pitch and saved it to the file.

But just recently the sound has been distorted, both for files with 415 and 430HZ. Changing back to 440Hz is fine, sounds normal.

I haven't updated software or soundfiles as far as I am aware. It just stopped working recently.

Any suggestions?

Example file attached

Attachment Size
BL Bailes 32 Easy Pieces.mscz 19.99 KB


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