Bug: Musescore 4 - When opening a project you have to re-enable then disable "play chord symbols" to silence them

• Nov 4, 2022 - 08:21

To reproduce:
- Add some notes to a staff, and some chord symbols
- Play settings - disable play chord symbols
- Close and reopen musescore 4
- Play

Chord symbols play despite the setting to play them being disabled. Can't attach my file to reproduce this because including any Kontakt instruments immediately boosts file size over 4MB.


If you can reproduce this in a score not using Kontakt, best to attach such a score to your GitHub issue. Note you will need to ZIP the file, or even just add ".zip" to the filename, in order for GitHub to accept it.

Also in your GitHub issue, it would be good to clarify what you meant by "Play settings - diable play chord symbols". Are you talking about program preferences, the chord symbol channel in the mixer, the toolbar setting, or something else? As far as I know, it's intended that toolbar settings are temporary, not part of your score. The Mixer is how I'd expect to permanently turn off chord symbols for a score.

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