how to batch cut and export

• Nov 4, 2022 - 04:31

This is a little wierd … I have a 32 bar music, and want to export 32 files of 1 bar mp3, how can I do?


In my opinion the only way is to create a score with 32 instruments and copy every single bar to this new instruments. Then export ...

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This would seem to be such a simple thing for computer software to do. But I don't see how in MuseScore. There are ways to do this, but no batch process that I know of. Only methods that require 32 actions a few times.
You could use the Export Selection to save each measure as an individual mscz file. Then open each one and export as mp3.
You could use the above method.
You could insert a blank measure in between each measure, export as mp3. Then import into Audacity and cut it up there, and save as individual measures.

None of which sound very fun. I don't see a plug-in to help

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The case that's been asked for is an extreme variant of an extremely common need,
which is to export a certain range of a score as audio. I do believe that this feature
will eventually be added to MuseScore as soon as the team agrees, that this is important
even more with the new support for VST...

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