VST directories in Version 4

• Nov 1, 2022 - 21:37

I am just curious about how to input your VST folders in Version4.
I know you go to Preferences > folders. Then click on the folder icon.
However, my question is do you have to search for each and every folder that has a VST (which is basically a dll) or could you just put in the main directory, and it will automatially search the subdirectories to include all VSTs.
My issue is that I have maybe 50-60 VST plugins all under their own directory, spread out over dozens of directories and untold number of subdirectories. Could I just input the name of the main directory, that may have 12 subdirectories, and Musescore will pick up on all the subdirectories? If not, then I would like to suggest a feature update that allows MS4 to search all subdirectories under the main directory to pick up all VST plugins.


MS4 looks in the default VST installation directory as specified by Steinberg and it's subdirectories. Note that VST3s often have the .vst3 file format and that .dll formatted VST are often of an older specification version and as such not supported.

It's soo bad that it dont read the dll. I think most of the people have their good trust and checked vst, that mostly are in dll and now you grabing it all from them. Could you tell me why's that? Why not let older versions work? Im really curious :)

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