Trying to load 'SCC Expressive Strings' in MuseScore

• Nov 1, 2022 - 17:09 Has anyone tried to load it in Musescore? I was able to load it, I can hear the notes being played but it doesn't react to dynamic marks. I tried different settings changing syntesizer to CC1, CC2 and CC11 and also tried to modify sfz copy in notepad editor replacing all 'CC1' text to 'CC2' like it's written in readme but none of it worked in the end.

I like the "fat" sound of these strings. It sounds more realistic than the expressive strings from MuseScore General Soundfont. But I can't make it sound nice if I can't control the dynamics.

Maybe you know any other alternative that would sound similar to these? I tried sonatina, aegan orchestra, Sound4U but they did not sound more realistic than MuseScore General to my ears.


Have you tried MuseScore 4 beta and the new Muse Sounds? These should be a big improvement over any soundfont. Although currently there is a bug with the solo (as opposed to section) strings preventing them from being usable. I assume that will be fixed before release.

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I just tried it yesterday and had a mind blow over how good the strings section in muse score 4. Really good work, that fulfills my needs completely. I love that it also loads fast even though It weights a lot. Can't find option to change velocity of the notes like it was in musescore 3 inspector tab. I would need that for piano as I make layers for voices. Hope the possibility to change velocity will be back in final release. Also the pedal marking doesnt seem to work for the piano.

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