Musescore 4 numpad not working

• Nov 1, 2022 - 16:30

I'm trying out the ms4 alpha but I can't get the numpad to change the note duration. the regular keyboard numbers work and I've tried changing the keybind but it default back to just '5' instead of 'numpad 5' or something. ms3 still works fine


This is a known issue, so no need to report this on GitHub. But if you find other issues, be sure to go there rather than here, as requested in the announcement. BTW, be sure also to be using the beta, not the alpha - the alpha is months old by now with hundreds of bugs fixed since.

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To get a nightly build, click Download above, then Software, then scroll down to near the bottom where you see Development builds. Go there, and grab a nightly. Don't be fooled by the one that says beta, that is not the beta, but also, the beta is old enough now that wouldn't want it even if that were it. Just grab a nightly.

Isn't the reason for the issue
that the shortcut system has been downgraded in MU4?

In MU3 you can assign different shortcuts for one and the same command,
which I think is a great feature.

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Yes! You can use the numbers above the QWERTY but "for me" it's a royal PITA as I'm entering pitches on a controller (AKAI LPK25) with my left hand and had my right hovering above the numeric keypad FOREVER using my iMac keyboard. Now it appears like I'm in "spastic training" entering each pitch and changing note values!!!! AGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

Edit: I see Nathaniel wrote about importing an xml file, but that might just be for Windows - I'm on a Mac and have NO CLUE what he's (kindly) writing about.

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I don't have a mac to test it on but I would guess that it should work the same. The shortened version is:
1. Download the XML file I linked below
2. In Musescore, go to Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts and click on "Import"
3. Select the XML file you downloaded in step 1 to import the shortcut bindings

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It didn't work for all users before either.. It just so happened that the other method worked for you by default.

For now, export and import of the shortcuts.xml file is a stop-gap solution until a future release incorporates that version of the file by default.

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I had this problem when I downloaded v4 a couple days ago. I was able to solve it this way:
1. Export the keyboard shortcut mappings:
Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts > Export
Save the xml file with a name you'll recognize

  1. Repeat the process a second time to give yourself a backup copy of the original mappings in case you mess them up!

  2. Open up the XML file from step 1 in your favorite text editor. I used VS Code, but you could even use Notepad on Windows.

  3. In your editor, search the file for the text "pad-note-64." You should find something that looks like this:


  4. Edit this section so it looks like this:

  5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the following keys:


In each case add <seq>Num+[x]</seq>
where you replace [x] with the number in the line above it (this is specifying which numpad key will be a shortcut for the command).

I also recommend adding Num+0 as a shortcut for the "rest" key.

  1. When you are finished editing, save the file.

  2. In MuseScore, import the new keyboard shortcut mappings
    Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts > Import

  3. That's it! This worked for me on Windows 10. I've attached my finished XML file which you can import to skip steps 1-7.

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Your file works great! Thank You I wish I had it explained earlier. You should make it clear that the import of the .xml file is performed in Edit>Preferences>Shortcuts using the 'Import' button. I certainly recommend exporting and saving a backup copy of the default settings. Simple and it works!

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Nathaniel, I'm lost - SO LOST - without the numpad to enter rhythmic equivalents, I'm at the end of my rope. So I'm sincerely asking: where do I find information on how to do what you have done? As another contributor wrote, "I'm a musician, not a computer programmer!" I would hate to "break" my v4 since I can't use v3 to work on what I've already started. How can I apply what you have kindly suggested FOR THE LAY PERSON?? Any guidance is greatly appreciate by, I'm sure, ALL.

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Click the XML file linked above to download and save to your computer. Now in MuseScore, go to Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts, and click the Import button. Select the file you just download. Then hit Open to load the file, and OK to exit the Preferences dialog.

To be safe, close all open MuseScore windows before doing the above, and close again when you finish.

With the new MS4 downloaded yesterday, using Mac, the numPad persists with bad will. Even with the keyboard using capitals.
And generally it looks as if the user was confronted to a total new application.
But let's be optimistic, time will solve all the issues.

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Numeric keypad re-works here with the xml file in attachment here:
But always not for input the fret numbers in TAB staff with standard numeric keys. Still forced to use Shift key + number to achieve this (or input numbers with the... letters, A=0, B=1, etc.)
I tried to edit (e.g. this sequence - image below) by deleting the word 'Shift+' (and by keeping the 3 only) in the second line. Alas, apparently, this action has all broken ! How I could edit this text with a better manner?


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I will keep repeating this as long as you will keep repeating your end:

It didn't work for all users before either.. It just so happened that the other method worked for you by default. Now it by default works for a ton of users for which it previously didn't. Luckily as evidenced by the xml update method the fix seems to be easy (as long as it doesn't affect those for whom the current method is their fix after a long time).

I would not expect an immediate bugfix release just for this, when a fairly easy workaround (import the provided xml file) is available and other, more critical scenarios are yet to be addressed. Combine this with most of the internal team taking holidays in this time of year I'd expect no release before the end of January.

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I don't understand how this new way would work for people better than the old way. To me it just seems like a bug.

I'm used to setting my own shortcuts, but even when I do that the numpad just doesn't respond. It seems like the issue is the shortcuts dashboard is mistakenly inputting "2" rather than "num2", etc. **

I mean, sure it may not be the biggest problem, on the other hand if Microsoft Word put out a version where the spacebar just didn't work unless you import or edit an xml file, people would be a little confused.

**EDIT: I ended up fixing mine by deleting all the shortcuts for "enter TAB". I thought I took care of it by deleting the shortcuts for "Set duration" (TAB) but I missed "enter TAB". But I'm still confused about this, if the program is supposed to prevent you from using the same shortcut for multiple things it should have deleted these when I set the new ones up.

I'm sure it'll all get fixed. Just wanted to relay in case someone else has the same issue.

Pretty much sums up the MuseScore 4 experience, lots promised, much bugged. The number row works, the numpad, does not.

I am in awe at what Musescore has done over these last years but I find it difficult to believe in the spectacular Musescore 4 the numpad doesn't work. When can we expect it to work? Having to use the number row at the top of the keyboard is like buying a new car and learn you have to open the trunk to turn on the indicator light when you make a turn. Come on Musescore!

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It works for some but not others, just as was true in MU3. It's just that some of the people for whom it worked before, it doesn't work for now, and vice versa. And there is a simple workaround, as explained above. Meanwhile, work is ongoing to find a solution that will work for everyone.

Short summary of workaround - download this file and then go to Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts and import it.

How is this "feature" still missing after the recent update?
Also, I imported my preference settings from MS3 and this didn't transfer.
I don't want to sound rude, but this is one of the most practical and useful user input method, it should really be a priority imho.

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Thank you for your suggestions.
I resetted my preferences (and I'm now going through the process of setting up my workspace again) and that worked. But as soon as I import my shortcut list it stops working. I guess I'll have to re-enter every shortuct manually?
Edit: while I was entering my shortcuts MuseScore just crashed

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